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Firewall Forward "Centri-Lube" Cam Stc
Why should you have a "Centri-Lube" camshaft in your engine?
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Because The Firewall Forward Team was relentless in the pursuit of achieving the most reliable and trustworthy aircraft piston engine available, they patented a FAA approved self lubricating camshaft that ensures our customers may achieve full usage of their engines to/beyond Lycoming's recommended TBO. This innovation is highly effective in eliminating premature cam and lifter wear.
By introducing a continuous flow of oil between the cam lobe and lifter face, friction and temperatures are dramatically reduced allowing the camshaft and lifters to perform toTBO. This innovation was developed after extensive research utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment and consulting with forensic metallurgists and aerospace heat-treating specialists.
Producing a premium quality engine overhaul also requires engine accessories of the highest standards, including: fuel injection systems, turbochargers, controllers, magnetos, and alternators. By performing accessory overhauls in-house, we not only maintain the highest quality accessories, but achieve complete engine and accessory integration.
Our experienced technicians remanufacture hundreds of engines every year and apply components to a functional engine within days. For custom overhaul exchange or "Quick-Turn" packages, please call
or e-mail: info@thenewfirewallforward.com so our expert sales staff may tailor a quote for you.
The "Centri Lube" STC Applies to the Following Engines at This Time: